At first, the connections between classical dressage and Alexandra’s clicker training were not obvious. Alexandra does not have a lesson called ‘shoulder-in’ and for good reason. But balance is embedded in her work and it leads directly to the lessons we know from classical dressage.

The connection became apparent to me when I was working on a lesson called “Hip-Shoulder-Shoulder” (DVD lesson 17) It was the revelation of connecting to the outside rein into the contact that finally made sense to me and connected the work of Alexandra Kurland with what I learned from Anja Beran.

Don’t think that you can just skip lessons 1-16 and directly get the same effect! You need the preparatory steps! Trust me on this.

From that moment, I began seeing the connections everywhere. The balance the we seek to achieve using the lessons based on the principles of classical dressage, i.e. using exercises to improve balance and movement for the horse’s benefit, is built into the foundations lessons of Alexandra’s work and continues developing towards the more advanced lessons. It’s all intertwined.

Alexandra’s work is expanding further, in teaching us, the handler, the rider, to improve our own balance. Our horses tell us how important that is.

And here’s the connection to the Feldenkrais method.