I offer two coachings formats:

  1. Online with video analysis, zoom calls and chat
  2. Live with my horses during an intensive learning weekend in Italy

Online Coaching with video analysis

Video analysis is an immensely helpful tool that I use a lot to improve my own training. Watching my own training sessions on video, I always find things to improve or identifying the next steps in the training progression.  Sometimes I notice a pattern in my own behaviour that I had not noticed before and can then address it. Or I see a ‘glitch’ in my horse’s movement that I can then analyse frame by frame to understand what happened. 

What type of video is needed?

The video clip should be edited to roughly 3 minutes. The resolution should be high and, obviously, you and your horse should be up close in the frame. You can send me the video file through services such as Wetransfer with a short description of what you are working on. 

How does online coaching work?

We’ll meet in a Zoom call and watch your training video together and I will point out what I noticed. Then I will suggest a training plan based on our discussion. Whenever possible, I will share with you a training video with my own horses or another good example so that you will a good understanding of the training progression.

You will then implement the training in your own time and I will be available through WhatsApp or Email for any additional questions you may have.


  • You work with your horse in your normal environment
  • You decide on which exercise you want feedback
  • Video analysis allows us to see things that would go unnoticed during a live session
  • The training videos you produce for coaching will be a great resource later on as you progress in your training. You will be able to observe the changes your horse made from the beginning until now.


  • Technical Know-How is required: create high-resolution video and editing (cutting to 3 minutes), uploading and sending the video file, Zoom call
  • You don’t get direct instructions during the training. That is provided after the fact when commenting on the video of that training
  • Very detailed analysis which might be too much information for some

Conclusion on Online Coaching:

If you are just starting out with clicker training then online coaching is very suitable, however, on its own, it may not be the most effective way to learn. 

In that case, I recommend starting with the online course which guides you through the process. The online course is designed for self-study, detailing everything you need to know. And should you run into difficulties nevertheless, you can always add online coaching to accompany the online course.

If you are already an experienced clicker trainer and the technical requirements on online coaching are no obstacle, then it is a highly useful addition to your learning. The more often you produce video and analyse it, the more skilled you will become in identifying missing pieces that will make coaching obsolete in the end. You can coach yourself. 

Until then, you can send in videos for coaching whenever you feel stuck or want to make sure you are not building a glass ceiling in your training. 

Request Online Coaching

Before booking a coaching session, I recommend a brief introductory call to establish whether online coaching is actually the best option for you. You can easily book an appointment for a free call.

If it is and you have a video that you would like to discuss, then you can book an appointment for a Zoom call here.

Clicking on the ‘Online Coaching’ button below will take you to a payment page. After payment for one coaching session (€45), you will receive an email indicating the next steps: uploading the video and booking the appointment for the Zoom call.


Book here an appointment for a free introductory call.

Book here an appointment for Online Coaching

Live Coaching in Italy 

Enjoy an intensive learning weekend in the beautiful hills around Parma and learn from and with our horses.  We can adjust the program according to your needs. It’s an ideal combination with a vacation in Italy. 


  • Enjoy the beautiful landscape in the hills near Parma, with a view over the Po valley to the Alps
  • Work with experienced clicker-trained horses
  • Flexible training program adjusted to your needs
  • Some aspects, such as rope handling, are easier to learn with physical contact
  • If interested, we can organise a Feldenkrais lesson with our instructor and/or organise PORTL lessons


  • Travel (some would argue travelling to Italy is an advantage 😉
  • You don’t work with your own horse (that could also be an advantage as you may be able to work on a lesson that your horse does not know yet and you get to see how the lesson looks like when it is more advanced)
  • Time consuming
  • Higher expense (depending on how many lessons hours you want to book per day and your accommodation)

Conclusion on Live Coaching:

If you are new to clicker training and don’t know the work of Alexandra Kurland, then this intensive weekend is a fantastic way to get a solid introduction to clicker training and provides you a clear way forward. Working with experienced clicker-trained horses gives you a feel of what is possible with clicker training. We have enough time to answer all your questions and can adjust the programe based on what interests you.  

If you are an experienced clicker trainer but you are unsure about how to proceed with the more advanced lessons, then working with our horses may give you a feel of how such lessons could look like. For example, if you are wondering how to teach a half pass or piaffe, it will help you immensely if you have felt that once already before teaching it to your horse. Obviously, my horses do not know all of the advanced work but taken together, they have a good repertoire and can certainly show you a few things.

To know about costs and available dates, please send me a message through Email or WhatsApp.