Build a magical relationship with your horse

With Alexandra Kurland's Clicker training online course, you will learn step-by-step how to achieve your training goals, solve problems and have fun with your horse

Learn how to Clicker train your horse systematically and independently

Fun for you and your horse without force or stress

Become part of a growing community of Clicker trainers

Did you experience these challenges?

Your horse is not motivated and training is not much fun for either of you?

Your horse shows problem behaviours and your are frustrated because you don't know how to solve this?

Others tell you to show the horse that you are the boss but your desire is to have a trusting relationship with your horse?

Clicker training brings back the FUN to your training sessions

Have fun training your horse! With Clicker training, your horse will be motivated right from the start.

You are the best trainer for your horse. Train your horse systematically and learn how to solve problems.

Trust the process. Your will build a magical relationship with your horse that will inspire others!

You are not alone! become part of our enthusiastic and supportive community.

With this online course you will achieve your goals step-by-step

We understand that it can be challenging to learn a new method on your own. We want you to be successful and will support you along the way.

The course was developed by Alexandra Kurland, pioneer in the development of Clicker training for horses, and who has already helped countless clicker trainers learn their skills.

Michaela Hempen is an experienced student of Alexandra's work and published the online course in a German version. She is coaching students of both, English and German, courses.

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Build a magical relationship with your horse that will inspire others